What is keeping me from writing? What is stopping me?

I can’t blame the games I play or the diversions I seek, there is something that makes those options available. The stumbling block is the anxiety that it won’t be good or that it isn’t worth writing. The closest thing I got to a completed work was about forty three pages of a story I realized could be solved with a simple phone call. I enjoyed writing it and while it wasn’t exactly amazing, it was fun to do.

On top of that I feel like I lose the story after a while. It’s like I’m chugging along on the interstate heading toward my destination in the distance but somewhere along the way my directions and the road no longer match up. I don’t know how to fix this. I’ve tried taking writing courses and they just make me question myself even more.

I guess the question become what do I want to write? What do I think would be worth putting the time and effort on?

This is where it gets hard. I’m a geek, a pretty big one, but most of my life I’ve had to hide it. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve been able to embrace my interests fully and I’m still kind of working on shutting that critical voice in my head up. I like adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and I’ve been known to write fan fiction. My biggest inspirations are John Scalzi, Roger Zelazny, Brian Sanderson, Kim Harrison, Matthew Reilly, and Jasper Fforde. I love listening to Patrick Rothfus talk but I have yet to actually read his books. I don’t care for R.A. Salvatore and the only Drizzit book I liked was The Lone Drow.

So… what do I want to write?

The answer is yes. The afore mentioned work of fiction was inspired by Ready Player One and was kind of like Wreck it Ralph except the players hopped games and were searching for some undiscovered treasure between the games. Like I said, it wasn’t exactly groundbreaking but it was fun to write. I should point out now that this was about a six months before Wreck it Ralph came out in theaters and to be completely honest that movie is amazing.

Ok, so that was science fiction/speculative fiction, what about fantasy? Why not write some of that? Great idea, self, what should I write about? I would love to do High Octane Fantasy, a term I think I coined but the internet is vast so it could be out there already. What is HOF, you ask? Take fantasy and turn it into action. I came up with this idea while reading Matthew Reilly and the Dragonlance books at the same time. We’re talking mind blowing action with elves and mages instead of elite special forces teams.

The problem? I have no real idea to go with that. Cool, action fantasy but what story? Brandon Sanderson says that ideas should be cheap. I guess right now I’m too poor to pay attention.

Here is a solution and something I’m going to post on this blog: writing exercises. This blog will keep me honest in my posting and progress. My inner critic wants something to do, great, I’m going to start with ‘fixing’ stories I love.

Now here is a question you, dear reader, have asked at some point while reading this: why should I care? Who is this character I’m supposed to invest in?

I, my most glorious peruser, am a thirty-something husband and father who has loved storytelling and writing since I was six years old. I’m not entirely successful in endeavors outside of writing but have been incredibly lucky to find a wonder woman to call my wife. She believes in me and makes me want to be the best version of me I can be.

Next Post: Writing Exercise #1


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