30 Cubed Challenge: A Storm of Creativity

30 Cubed Challenge: A Storm of Creativity – Starting May 1st and running through May 31, 2013

Thaddeus Atreides developed his own verison of the 30 day short story challenge. He writes: “I combined my favorite challenges together in one place: 30 stories, with 30 new characters, in 30 days.” We are going to jumpstart a new session of writing beginning May 1, 2013 for all of you writers and want-to-be writers out there. There are only two rules: Any story you write has a minimum of 200 words. The second challenge is to have 30 stories at the end of the month. I don’t care if you do a full short story, flash fiction, or even a vignette, write a new story of 200 words every day. Even the busiest of people can find time to squeeze in 200 words, even me!

This can be a source of inspiration, a chance to grow your skills, a chance to write that old-time western vampire dinosaur story you always wanted to try. Try writing different genres, or write all the stories in one setting as a prelude to a longer work. Just write – 30 stories, 30 characters, in 30 days. Blog about it, and talk about your successes and failures. You are encouraged to post links to these blogs to the 30 Cubed Challenge Event in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers, Readers, and Artist Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/108926929238403/ 
The Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/329586460477428/


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