Day 10

The game had gone a lot worse after Stan’s dice decided not only to kill him but to try really hard to wipe out the rest of the party too.

“Pizza’s here,” Stan called from the kitchen.

Since his character had died he was rolling up a new one and taking a break from the table. That also meant getting the pizza and running drinks for the rest of the party.

“You know what I never got,” Derrick mused.

When he wasn’t the DM he wasn’t really that bad of a guy. Plus listening to his stories and laughing at his jokes sometimes saved the players from losing their favorite characters. Stan never figured that part out.

“What’s that?” Tom chimed in.

Tom was a good guy, from the old school of gaming where he talking ‘in-character’ with a voice and everything. He did his best not to get side-tracked with Monty Python references or mix player knowledge with that of his character. His one downfall was that he was just a bit too into the rules. If there wasn’t a line in a book somewhere to fall back on then he was lost as to what his character should do.

“Why isn’t there time travel in the Star Wars universe?” Derrick continued. “Each series of Star Trek usually had one or two episodes about it, there were at least two of the movies dedicated to it too. But no time hopping in Star Wars.”

“What about Enterprise?”

“That doesn’t count.” Stan and Derrick said in unison. It was the one thing they agreed on.

“They kind of had time travel,” Stan sat back down at the table and flipped through the rule book for starting gear. “Jacen Solo could force-walk or something back in time.”

“Dude,” Derrick looked from Stan to the pizza sitting all the way in the kitchen.


“Never mind,” he sighed and walked over to get a slice. “What I mean is real time travel. How cool would it have been for Boba Fett to jump back to the Clone Wars?”

“For the record in five seasons that show only had like four good episodes,” Tom held up a hand to make the point. “And turning Mandalorians into Pacifists? That was a bigger transgression than Episode three.” His voice grew louder. “And they don’t live on the planet Mandalore, they live on the planet Keldabe.”

“Actually,” Stan coughed. “The city was Keldabe but it wasn’t some metropolis it was more like a town with a spaceport.”

“We’re off topic here,” Derrick took a bite of cheese pizza, pausing in almost reverent silence. “Shelia doesn’t understand the joy of cheese pizza.”

“That wasn’t the topic.”

“Shut it, man,” he snapped. “Do you understand what it’s like to be married to a woman who likes black olives on her pizza? Not black olives and something else, just the olives.”

“Ok,” Stan motioned back to the table. “We’ve got a dungeon to clear and my new character is ready to avenge his spiritual successor.”

Derrick took his time finishing his slice before getting back to his spot at the table.


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