Parker – Movie Review

My first introduction to the character of Parker via Mel Gibson in Payback. Other than being a dark movie (literally, I had to turn up the brightness on my TV) it was an interesting character piece before good ol’ Mel went round the bend.

Jason Statham as Parker isn’t something I would have thought would work. He’s an English dude known for The Transporter and a string of action flicks that don’t really make sense. That being said, the character from The Transporter was kind of like Parker Lite.

Do you want car chases, action scenes, and a good brawl or two for your next movie? I’d suggest this one. It’s a heist movie with a nice revenge plot thrown in there to make it interesting. What I thought would be a weak point, the casting, actually worked out well. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t detract from the movie and hearing Statham doing a Texan accent is silly. One thing I found pretty cool was Daniel Bernhardt showing up in the movie. That guy is awesome and it’s great to see him in something other than a B-Movie or bad TV show.


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