The Sorcerers Apprentice – Movie Review

This poor movie has pretty much been tossed to the bargain bin without a second look. It’s a victim of bad timing and uninspired marketing. I’m pretty sure it came out about the time Nicolas Cage went into melt-down so anything he was attached to was avoided.

It is far from a perfect movie but it was better than expected. Jay Baruchel plays his usual awkward lead and Nicolas Cage’s borderline crazy works for the character. The plot is standard fare, the effects are pretty cool, but even with the right marketing and before Cage became a meme, it wouldn’t have done too well. The best part of the movie is Toby Kebbell, his part alone merits one viewing.

My Verdict: If you’re looking for a cheap movie that isn’t part of one of the 10 movie packs, it’s not a bad call but it’s a better rental.


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