Day 14: 30 Days, 30 Stories

Alena ducked under the incoming blade and thrust the tip of her spear up. Her blade cleaved through the hide armor and tore through the ribcage of the attacking goblin. These were an especially tenacious breed with red skin, fanned ears, and almost as tall as she was. It was their favor that they outnumbered her party by five to one. She was lucky that they were tribal warriors with leather armor and stone weapons.

Her luck in battle was solidified as a stone-tipped arrowhead slammed into her bronze breastplate and shattered. Even though it did not puncture her armor she felt the impact. She spun, hoisting the impaled goblin and flung him into his three charging comrades.

“I thought you said we were invited?” Astrid, her shield-maiden and envoy to the Northern Tribes smashed a goblin with her shield and decapitated another.

“We are,” Alena threw the spear with the impaled goblin, clearing a slight ring around her and giving her time to draw her short sword. “Llaheeda, where is the oracle?”

The third and final member of the party stood at least a foot taller than the two women warriors and wielded a large battle-axe which cleaved wide swathes through the charging goblin throng. She was a Minotaur and being a magical beast had more attachment to the mystical flows of the world.

With a grunt, which was the equivalent of a Minotauren sigh, she split the goblin in front of her from skull to pelvis with a lightning quick lunge. She wore armor of a sort, custom made leather armor with plates of metal and chain to protect her important parts but even without it the stone weapons hardly posed much of a danger to puncture her hide. Two goblins charged and dove in to attack, she ignored them and sniffed the air.

Faster than anyone her size should be able to move, the Minotaur backhanded one goblin away, sending him spinning to the ground with three less teeth. She pointed to the Eastern horizon then held up two fingers before wiggling them slightly.

The Minotauren language was not easily spoken or understood by humans, it was practically impossible to discern in the midst of battle, and she settled for the personalize silent sign the trio had created. The sign translated to roughly two leagues to the east.

Alena nodded and brought her short sword up to her face, she held the flat of the blade close to her nose, “Hera, grant me your blessing!”

The green jewel on the hilt of her sword, flashed as the prayer was answered and suddenly there were six more of the Amazon holding the same pose. As one they drew back their sword and rushed forward to attack. This was not a simple illusion, the great Mother Hera had taken a shine to Alena and for the next few moments there were seven living breathing versions of the Amazon. Their blades cut true and the skirmish was over just as quickly as the goblin ambush had sprung.

“Show off,” Astrid laughed using a tunic of a nearby goblin to clean her blade.


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