Day 18: 30 Days 30 Stories

Professor W.O. Den sat at his desk and patiently waited for the next applicant to come in. Every year he would sit down with every applicant to be his TA. Due to his reputation he would get a rather diverse group applying but rarely did they last through the year. His personal assistants weren’t on the university tab and funding only allowed him to select one Teaching Aid per year. This year was no exception.

Dressed in a tasteful pair of slacks and a nice jacket he was the epitome of what a professor should look like. His silver beard was trimmed neatly along his strong jaw complimenting his handsome face. The simple black patch over his left eye added just a hint of ruggedness. Around campus there were quite a few coeds who had less than pure thoughts of the history professor. Furthering the whispers about him were his two constant assistants, twins with shimmering black hair and a penchant for equally dark clothing. It was also said he could speak at least five different languages and was known to have an affinity for travel. With all the talk about him it was odd that no one knew his true name.

Odin, Ruler of Asgard, taught Western Civilization to seventeen seventy-four as well as a few electives looking into historic literature and philosophy. He also enjoyed the gym on campus with its indoor climbing wall, spin class, and Olympic sized swimming pool. He was notorious for drinking students under the table at the local bar and it was an unspoken rule that if anyone could beat him they would automatically pass any classes of his.

Dealing with assisting him teach, finding him when he went on walkabouts, and dealing with the various visitors he had through the semester led to a lot of prospects getting burned out. Last year he disappeared for two months only to show up in his office half naked and carrying a spear. The time before that a young woman from Greece had shown up in the middle of his office hours and left in a huff leaving owl feathers in her wake. Even after those incidents people still showed up for the job.

Humans were a funny bunch.



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2 responses to “Day 18: 30 Days 30 Stories

  1. You are such a tease… W.O. Den teaching at university is such a good setup, where oh where is the rest? Why is he there? Does anyone know? Is he on the lam? Where are the rest of the Aesir? How can you do this to me?

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