11-22-63 by Stephen King – Book Review

I kind of gave up on Stephen King for a while but the local library has limited selection so I started reading his stuff again. Stephen King doing time travel, not horror, science fiction, what could go wrong?

The first half of the book is great, setting things up and getting to know the world. I was pleasantly surprised by the characterization. The world is setup nicely, the past is relatable without being silly, and everything just works.

And then it just keeps going. And going.

I’m going to put in some spoilers here, you’ve been warned.



Last chance.

Ok, every time they go back in time things in the past reset. This point gets played with a couple of times but the ending kills it for me. It’s about stopping the JFK assassination and how many lives it will save. There is a bunch of issues he has to go through to eventually save the president and somehow set into motion a bunch of people just dying for no reason. In the end he decides not to change anything so he goes back one more time to set things back the way they happened the first time. Basically the entire book is a lesson to say the past is the past and better left untouched.

I felt cheated, I felt robbed, and if I had bought the book I would have dropped it in the trash.  Instead I hastily put it into the return box.

My Verdict: Skip it.


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