A Good Day to Die Hard – Movie Review

I went into this movie expecting it to be pretty much Crystal Skull with more explosions. Instead I found something much better. The interaction between Courtney and Willis looks like they had fun with it. I like action movies. I’m a fan of the Die Hard franchise. Jai Courtney, I love this guy, truth told he’s the star of the film. If he went on to carry the franchise, it would not be in bad hands.

My only real gripe was the chase scene at the first of the movie was rather long with too many zooms and cuts to make it look ‘edgy’. It was kind of funny, through the entire movie I don’t think Bruce Willis actually puts on a seatbelt, he gets in countless wrecks, and he just walks away. That kind of pulled me out but it was a fun movie. There was action, explosions, and a fun back & forth between the leads.

My Verdict: I plan to buy it



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