Day 20: 30 Days 30 Stories

Princess Leia Organa watched the looming form of Darth Vader strode towards her. The ship had been captured, the crew taken prisoner, and the captain was dead. She looked calmly into the two black orbs which blocked Vaders’ eyes.

“Father,” she bowed once he was close enough. “Everything proceeds as planned. The message to Kenobi has been sent.”

A dark pride swelled within his cold chest. The Emperor had tried to hide his daughter from him but she was strong in The Force. Her hatred burned with a power which resonated with his desires. The old man would never understand it would be impossible to hide her from him.

“You have done well, my apprentice.”

The stormtroopers took up an honor guard formation as they headed back to the super Star Destroyer. Each one of the men had been chosen for their loyalty to Vader rather than the Empire. His 501st, Vader’s Fist, the black armored boogey-men not even the Hutts dared to resist.

With Leia ‘captured’ he could continue her training in earnest. Soon the Emperor would learn to once again fear the name Skywalker.

“Escort her to her quarters,” Vader put a loving hand on his daughters shoulder. “See that she wants for nothing, she speaks with my voice.”

A brief touch was something to be cherished but true happiness would come once the Emperor was dead. In that moment the Force spoke from father to daughter of the unending devotion and love he held for her. She was his redemption, his hope, and his vengeance; nothing would take her from him again.

“I trust my gear is waiting for me,” she turned her eyes on the trooper to her right.

“As you requested, Ma’am,” the trooper didn’t miss a beat.


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