Day 23

“Remain calm.”

There was darkness, a sense of forced weightlessness, and muffled noise. He couldn’t open his eyes, they were sealed. His hands were bound. The world changed, he could feel gravity once more take hold of his body. A steady roll of thunder broke through the barrier muffling the noise.

“Refrain from moving.”

Cold, hard, and sharp; something moved along the top of his head in a smooth, practiced circle and began to work lower toward his eyes. Fear held him still as a matching sensation started on each of his feet. As his mind began to calm at the lack of pain, he realized these things were trimming off a layer of skin. Slowly his mind caught up to the sensations.

He was coming out of Production. The voyage was nearing completion and his new body was finished. Long distance space travel required some sort of stalling method against time as well as the dangers of deep space. The safest way to cross the void of space and still be able to colonize a planet was a process called Production. Over the first five years of travel a human would be attached with probes to record their mental processes then that information would be transferred into a new body which would take the rest of the journey to be properly produced. Along the way new skills and crucial information could be added too. Cloning, genetic manipulation, and cybernetics all coming together to create the answer to the riddle that was space travel.

After the cocoon was methodically stripped off, he could finally open his new eyes and look out at the world.

“Welcome,” a gender neutral voice spoke from a screen above him. “Thank you for your patience, please answer the following questions to proceed. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he coughed, cleared his throat and tried again. “Yes, I understand.”


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