Day 26: 30 Days 30 Stories… I missed a day

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Martin tapped the screen waking up the system.

“One simple test run,” his partner, Jules smiled. “What’s the fun of time travel without being able to actually travel?”

“But we aren’t ready yet.”

“We’ve got the adaptive gastronomy system in order, the spatial presence has been addressed, and the translation program is up to date back to the 1720,” he ticked off each issue on his fingers. “I’m not going into a warzone and even if I was, our armor-weave can stand up to cannon fire.”

“But,” Martin groped desperately for an argument. “What about the ripple effect?”

“Any changes I make, and I’m not going to make any, would be microscopic in the grand scheme of things,” he sighed. “I’m not going back in time to kill Hitler and even if I was, we know that wouldn’t work. Someone else would step in his place and all that would achieve was maybe a slight alteration while leaving the timeline intact.”

“Promise you won’t kill your grandfather just to see what happens?”

“Pappy?” Jules looked at Martin for a moment. “Why would you say that?”

“You… I… uh,” he closed his eyes and turned to face the screen. “Available connections are August 14th 1704.”

“For present location?”

“I assumed.”

“What about connections to the Eifel Tower?” Jules watched from over his friends shoulder. “Oh, that one.”


“Sure,” he laughed. “I’ll buy Van Gogh a drink.”



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2 responses to “Day 26: 30 Days 30 Stories… I missed a day

  1. aletheaeason

    Reminds me a bit of King’s 11/22/66.

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