Day 28: 30 Days 30 Stories

Gus parked his car in the farthest spot from the door and checked to make sure the coast was clear before getting out. He pulled his hat down low while maintaining a slow arch along the walkway. The first store was a nail salon, the second an accountant, and the third, his destination, was a gaming store but not the usual sort he frequented, for this didn’t sell sporting goods or apparel.

His slow decent into nerd-dom had happened innocently enough with fantasy football, then fantasy baseball, and even a harmless game of Arkham Horror because no one was interested in fantasy soccer. Now, he couldn’t believe it, but he was actually interested in purchasing something else entirely. He had driven across town to make sure no one recognized him.

Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The door was emblazoned with the likeness of Spider-Man but when he opened the door the sound of a horn played. Gus looked around but the parking lot was still empty. Once inside he looked around and found the place looked like a book store but had a couple of display cases along the far wall and there were a few tables in the middle of the space. The guy behind the counter didn’t look too different from any other clerk; he was dressed in jeans and a baggy red T-shirt with a logo on it that Gus didn’t recognize.

“Hey,” Gus stammered as he walked up to the guy. “I’m looking for a pick-up game.”

“A PUG?” The clerk hooked a finger to a corkboard caddy-corner to him. “We’ve got listings up there for games in the store and others LFG.”


“Looking for group,” the clerk shook his head. “Let me guess, it’s your first time?”

“That obvious?”

“Painfully,” the clerk picked out a business card and wrote a date and time on it. “Come back here at this time and ask for James. Do not ask for Derrick, he’s a dick.”

“Thanks, what’s your name?”


“Thanks, Stan.”


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