Bullet to the Head – Movie Review

Sylvester Stallone’s new movie, how to describe this?

Disappointing, yeah, that fits.

The action isn’t bad, but the story is lacking and the interaction between the two main characters is stilted. The detective played by Sung Kang is clueless, and aside from a couple of points, useless. That dude from Game of Thrones and the Conan Remake, Jason Momoa is kind of lost in the shuffle as a bad guy. Christian Slater makes an appearance, but even his overacting comes across as ‘meh’ at best.

That’s the problem with it, there isn’t really anything to hold onto and everyone just walks through the script. I watched it less than an hour ago as I write this and really the only thing that stands out in my memory are the tattoos Stalone sported. I want to know how they do that for films.

Verdict: Skip


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