Vampire In Brooklyn – Movie Review

This is a vampire movie that gets overlooked a lot. Most people don’t really see Eddie Murphy beyond his comedies. The movie came out in 1995, a year after Beverly Hills Cop 3 and a year before The Nutty Professor. Really, the only thing that doesn’t hold up over time is the dated hair styles and some overacting near the end.

The story is of Maximillian, played by Eddie Murphy, being the last of his kind from an island chain in the Bermuda Triangle. He comes to Brooklyn to search for a half-vampire to continue the species. The lore is classical vampire. These days with the taint of Twilight so fresh on the mind a respect for the source material is needed.

Maximillian is THE vampire. He’s got a ghoul, Kadeem Hardison is hilarious, he changes shape, he can fly, and he’s got some tricks too. There are some great one liners. This is Eddie Murphy in his prime, he looks great, he is charming and predatory, and his jokes are funny.

Verdict: Watch it.


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