Dragons of Autumn Twilight – A Book Review


I’ve recently started reading this book for maybe the fifth time. It’s been a few years and this copy was one I purchased because my wife hadn’t read it before. I was really looking forward to rediscovering old friends.

Man. I was wrong.  It hasn’t aged well.

I know the book first came out in the 80s but it reads like a soap opera. Everyone has internal dialogues about the past or this character doing something or how INSERT CHARACTER has changed. It’s clear that Raistlin is going to get his own series because there is enough about him or how the others react to him and think of him to fill up a few chapters. The only character I still love across the years is Tas and he hardly gets any real time. It’s about Tanis, or Strum, or the Twins and after the first few chapters I really don’t care about them anymore.

I remember loving this book, I’ve read this trilogy a couple of times before, not to mention the ones that follow it, but I’m going to put this back on the shelf. It feel juvenile, unpolished, and it tries too hard to be dramatic.

My Verdict: Don’t slay your nostalgia, keep it on the shelf


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