Man of Steel – Movie Review


Going into Man of Steel with a clean slate was impossible. I grew up believing a man could fly. Christopher Reeves as Superman, I watched that movie so many times the tape went out. After the disappointment that was Superman Returns and the long running soap opera of Smallville, I was desperate for a good Superman movie.

Russell Crow as Jor-El? Eh. Kevin Costner as Pa Kent? Um. Okay, my trust is a little shaky. Then I saw Zack Snyder was attached to it and my faith was shaken. 300 was a stylized nightmare and even seeing it by borrowing from a friend I felt like I wanted my money back.

How does Man of Steel stack up?

The movie is about two hours and I wanted more. My only complaint being that I sat through a long credit sprawl just to find out that there aren’t any post-credit teasers. You’re welcome. The credits are really long.

It starts on Krypton because, you know, no one knows the origins of Superman, but this one is worth it. Gone is the rambling mumble of Marlon Brando doing a monologue he doesn’t give two craps about, no we get to see the ruin that is brought upon Krypton.

We see Clark as he wonders through life just trying to find answers, we meet Lois soon after and things move along as a nice clip. Flashbacks and memories tell the story of young Clark nicely and the memory of Jor-El fills in the blanks.

Oh, thank you for a Superman with decent fight scenes for once. Beyond the cartoons out there the live action fights were horrible. It does get a bit CGI heavy at times but I can forgive that. I would have liked to see some more practical effects but then your run the risk of looking too hokey.

My gripes are far surpassed by the joy I felt watching this. To be honest, I was shocked at how many times this movie had me caring. It wasn’t just the big moments, there were dozens of little looks traded by characters, or things just unsaid, that made it so good. Unlike the recent Batman films where everyone has to take a couple of minutes to explain their motivations, this just goes.

Russell Crowe was great, Kevin Costner was great, and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White brought all those dramatic looks we all know and love. Henry Cavill as Superman is wonderful. He brought something to the character that was missing as of late, a vulnerability, that sense of always being just out of touch. Amy Adams as Lois Lane did great and they worked very well together. I’m pretty sure Harry Lennix is now the go-to guy when they need a tough but intelligent military guy on screen. He pretty much just stands there and talks but he does so splendidly. Michael Shannon as Zod was glorious, that guy can play villains do well.

I’m giddy just thinking of it. Damn, I want to see it again. That’s not even touching the music.

My Verdict: GO SEE IT NOW. Check the local time and go IMMEDIATELY.

Two big changes to the story that I LOVED just happen to be very big spoilers.

Please stop reading if you don’t want to see them.

Last warning.



This time it is the last warning.

  1. Lois knows who Superman is!

THANK YOU! She’s a world class reporter! How could she not know?

  1. Superman kills Zod

He’s forced to do it, but still, thank you. Even that scene is just, wow, it hits you. This whole ‘don’t kill’ thing doesn’t make sense and just proves that Batman is just as crazy as his Rogues Gallery.


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  1. I am so glad you liked it. Happy Father’s Day, so happy you enjoyed your gift 😀

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