A Good Day to Die Hard – Take 2

I enjoyed the movie the first time and found a lot of hate out there for it. I decided to sit down and watch Die Hard 1 & 2 then rewatch A Good Day to Die Hard.

A Good Day to Die Hard is a decent action movie, just disconnect that logical part of your brain and enjoy the explosions. Is it a good Die Hard movie? No, but I still consider Live Free or Die Hard to be the worst of the series.

Why isn’t this a real Die Hard movie?

A Good Day to Die Hard has him traveling to Russia to try to rescue his son from a murder charge. That right there makes no sense. John has always been a stand-up guy doing the hard stuff because he’s the only one around to do it. I think this suffered from Reboots Disease.

You can see they were trying to make it good and trying to make it a modern action movie but in doing so they lost sight of what made Die Hard so good. When Rambo and the Terminator were hardly batting an eye at the throngs of bad guys, John McClane was getting tossed around just to do his job.

It doesn’t follow the formula. John McClane is a regular cop who gets caught up in extraordinary situations. That can pretty much sum up all the movies. He doesn’t go looking for trouble, he isn’t some invulnerable bad-ass, and he’s just a good guy in a bad situation.

Updated Verdict:
If you want to watch a good Die Hard Movie go pick up the 4-pack on sale. A Good Day to Die Hard is a fun action movie but it isn’t Die Hard. Hopefully, it’s the last.


On a side note, Die Hard 2 is just awesome, but did he get the car back as well as the ticket ripped up?


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