Geek Pride… right

I haven’t done much writing lately, on this blog or otherwise. I’ve started a new job and I’ve been working pretty steady for the past four weeks. When times like these happen and my creativity is nil I usually pump out microheroes just to keep my mind from going numb.

Microheroes are cool little pixel art dolls that I like to make and I have since about 2002. Mostly superheroes and sometimes attached to various unwritten fan fiction in my head.

This makes me realize a few things:

  1. I would love to write some fan fiction.
  2. I am way too self-critical to actually write any
  3. I grew up when ‘geek’ wasn’t a good word.

These days it’s all about embracing your inner geek or letting your geek flag fly, but that wasn’t how it was when I grew up. When I was younger I had to hide that I liked comics even from my best friends. Videogames were okay, mostly, but had to have some sort of sport attached to it just to make sure you were still doing it right.

In high school I sometimes snuck into the chess club to play some games (read: get soundly trounced) and talk Star Trek vs Star Wars or how awesome the latest X-Men cartoon was. There are a lot of ways that I’m still a closet geek. My wife is awesome, she embraces my interests and encourages my loves, but my high school survival instinct is still pretty strong. Especially when my job feels like I’m back in drama central. I still remember coming back from summer break to excitedly tell my best friend that I found a Charles Xavier action figure on my trip to Seattle to have him shrug his shoulders and roll his eyes, apparently, he had ‘grown up’ while I was away. We didn’t hang out much after that, he was more into sports and that bug never bit me.

My fandom was born when the heroes in a half-shell hit just right when I was younger to create a lifelong fan and I love the mutants dearly. I can tell you without checking IMDB or Youtube, that the first word spoken in a film by a ninja turtle is ‘Damn’ which is said by Raph when he sees April take his weapon. Technically, it could be Mikey saying ‘Woah’ but I don’t count that as a word. Thanks to the digital age I’ve been able to catch up on the original run (that’s some crazy stuff) as well as the newest releases and catch up on the shows. I seriously had a geek-squee when I realized that the sword Karia is trying to get Leo to steal in her debut episode belongs to Usagi Yojimbo. I’ve passed my love onto the next generation and right now my toddler loves The Next Mutation, mainly due to Venus, but it’s still painful to watch; which we did three times yesterday.

My dream job would be writing scripts for the new TMNT comic out by IDW. I have plots, threaded with storylines of classic turtle lore from the shows as well as comics, but every time I try to write one of these down that voice acts up. Do I really want to put this online? What if someone I know were to read it? I’m not a kid anymore, is fan fiction kosher?

Star Wars was my second love in geekdom, my Uncle Bob and Aunt Vicki gave me all three movies as a going away present when we moved and I watched them until they had to be fixed with scotch tape, but Star Trek was a close third. The Next Generation was on every day after school and I Lt. Warf was the coolest. I never hated Wesley Crusher, he was the big brother I dreamed of having. Seeing Wil Wheaton as a pillar of the geek world makes me very proud in an imaginary family sort of way. If this ever gets to the eyes of Wil Wheaton, I must apologize, in my games of make believe I saved the day a lot while you were working the controls in engineering and thought I was a pretty cool little brother. Yeah, that sounds creepier than I thought it would. Oh well, the Borg weren’t going to defeat themselves.



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2 responses to “Geek Pride… right

  1. You can be as geeky as you like love, you know we discuss all sorts of ideas about TMNT, Star Wars, fan-fiction, or whatever else comes to mind. My fan-fic might run towards the Tinker fairy I talked to you about, but yours is also really cool.

  2. It’s tough being a kid who doesn’t like what the other kids like. Imagine me, a girl into sci-fi in the 60s. I didn’t connect with other fen until my late 40s, then I was thrilled, when I got to my first con, to discover that plus size, middle-aged women ruled! I had finally found me peeps.

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