Home with the ick



This is my character, Grinder, as in meat-grinder, in microhero form.



This is his original version. I think it’s a big upgrade.

I thought him up while trying to figure out a Ninja Turtles fan fiction. The storyline was something before they encounter The Foot and have some early adventures dealing with a gang of local thugs who are terrorizing a group of homeless people the Turtles have befriended. Kind of a homeless village under a bridge where they trade stuff.

It was a build up to introduce Grinder, who was being fed unruly members of the village, and then the leader of the gang as well. Now that I put it down it kind of sounds like an RPG adventure. I was working into something I had labeled the “Mutant Dawn” where mutants were popping up all over the place at an alarming rate and there was actually about a year where the brothers split up and go on solo adventures.


Usually any one of these guys I make has something of a story attached to it. The top is normal version. the middle row is when they’re on solo adventures, and the bottom is when they come back together.


I’ve also done a version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Monkeys. Considering how often the old stories had dimensional travel they were bound to show up someday.



And the obligatory Rule 63 versions, but I’m still not happy with those heads.

This is just a peek at what I do when I’m bored. Right now I’m sick with some stomach flu that won’t leave me alone and I just felt like sharing. Enjoy.



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