Resurrecting the Undead


I spend a lot of time thinking about writing a zombie book; something that takes into account the pop culture as well as making something new. Not so much reinventing the wheel as giving it a good scrub down and patching the punctures. Hopefully, I won’t get hit in the head by the air-hose this time.

The main reason I don’t just pound out a few hundred thousand words and call it good is that the market is rather flooded. Zombies are everywhere; there is practically an entire sub-genre just for them. Not to mention all the variants that there are. Recently, I was able to catch a showing of World War Z. It was a lot better than I was expecting and it made zombies scary again. Once they ditched the family aspect of the story it really got intense.

So the riddle becomes how to make it good.

The best speculative fiction comes from the seed of fact, regardless of genre. Having even a small point of science to grow from gives the idea roots. Granted, there comes a time where you shuck the real world and pop the idea into a nice boiling pot of fictional goodness. The result is a richly flavored soup that didn’t come out of a can.

I’m a little hungry.

Lately, the focus has been to look at the living in the stories instead of the undead, which is sound advice… for some. It requires characters that are actually worth the time. The downfall I’ve found with The Walking Dead (comic) is that I just don’t care about the characters. Every time the characters run into another group it just happens to go horribly. It may start out good, but it always ALWAYS ends up bad. After about the second time the backstabbing and betrayal just didn’t matter anymore. Even the show, which isn’t so CRAZY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE, I didn’t feel invested. Hell, the one character I was rooting for was doomed from the get-go.

Shane, he was the hero of the show, then Rick just blunders in and everything changes. He keeps his best friends’ wife and child alive, he keeps a camp running, and then Rick shows up and people start dropping like flies.

Sorry, tangent.

I’ve kind of lost my train of thought.

Man this bug bite is really itchy.

Hungry. Itchy.




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