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Damn It Brain

There are rare wonderful times when I get to take a nap. These are days when I’m dragging and just need to crash, my wife is awesome. Two things seem to happen on these days.

1. The tree outside my window decides to move some branches so the sunlight lands perfectly on my pillow.

2. My brain comes up with very uncommon scenarios and won’t let me sleep until I have examined my options.

About three weeks ago I had a string of thought that led into a nightmare about winning the lottery. Yes, a nightmare about winning millions of dollars. My brain was focused on the machinations of moving, how to deal with keeping or upgrading possessions, and how we were going to hire a tour bus to travel with a family across country.

Okay, this isn’t completely unheard of. I have a chance, be it ever so small, that I could win the lotto. This chance is infinitely larger than the chance of finding a magic lamp that would allow three wishes. Why do I mention this? Well, it’s because the few wonderful minutes I got to sleep before going to work today was taken up by this train of thought.

I prepared for the sun, covering my face, and position a sheet over the other window. As my head found the perfect angle on the pillow I had a memory of the movie Aladdin and absently wondered what I would do with three wishes.

I had two lined up, which were pretty cool:
1. I wish I had a machine that would allow me to perfectly clone any living person.
2. I wish I had a machine that would allow for the transferring of consciousnesses.
Then, slightly less cool:
3. I wish I had the ability to draw at the expert level. 

THEN I had a thought that maybe this genie took things literally. How would I counter the inevitable mistranslated order. Could I work the wishes into a written format? Could I outsmart the genie and work things to my benefit? Could I wish to find more genies?

Did I sleep at all? I don’t really know, but you better freaking believe I’m prepared for finding that lamp now.

Damn it, brain, I’m going to poke you with a Q-tip.


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Nerd Vs Geek Season 1 Trailer

Bite sized comedy for your day.

I’ve watched the entire first season. The Con episode is my favorite so far but the laser tag one comes in a close second. I would prefer a full 22 minute format but considering its on Youtube without sponsorship I can understand.

If you really want to dig in, check out the other shows on the channel too. Over Analyzers is fun but they do.

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Obliterating My Geek-Cred


It wasn’t until recently that I’ve seen or read a lot of these ‘defining’ pieces in science fiction and fantasy. Last year I watched Blade Runner for the first time. Earlier this year I read The Name of the Wind and a couple years ago I dove into Dune and the Riverworld series.

On the whole I wasn’t really impressed. Watching Blade Runner I could see all the depth and glimpses at the stories that could be told in this setting but the movie itself was just decent. I watched the most recent directors cut or the definitive cut, whichever one they have out in the last few years with the precious seconds of extra footage but overall it was a ‘meh’. Considering it was something akin to the birth of cyberpunk I was really looking forward to it. I dove into the Sprawl with William Gibson as my guide and loved that touch of the early genre.

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, no, the entire original series isn’t worth the hype. How did this get such a following before The Next Generation?

The first book in the Riverworld series was interesting, dated, but interesting. I had accidentally bought a later book in the series first which almost killed it for me. Thanks to eBooks my interest woke up later on the banks of an online books store for further adventures.

Dune. My wife tried to get me to read the book. It’s such an amazing book… twenty years ago. This is coming from me, who went through a two year stretch where I would scour the local used bookstore for post-apocalyptic stories written no later than 1990.

The Name of the Wind, while not a long standing classic, has been called groundbreaking. Really? It was enjoyable, but I don’t see what the fuss is about. It’s rather hard opinion to have too, the author sounds like a great guy and I’d love to meet him one day.

What else?

Black Company by Glen Cook. Wow. That was amazing. Such amazing characterization. Like the character One-Eye, who had one eye. Or the character Silent who never spoke. It took fantasy to from the level of kings and queens and put it on the soldiers’ level. That’s what the dust jacket proclaimed. It was pretty much Vietnam in a fantasy world and the writing was amateurish.

I’m jumping around here, sorry, but I’m just not impressed by most of these ‘amazing’ pieces.

Here’s a fun idea. Suggest your favorite book or movie. I’ll give it a go. Right now I’ve got Flash Gordon and Iron Man 3 on my To-Watch list. My To-Read list is pretty much just Redwall. I’m open.


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August 21st 2013

It seems that stating that I would post 3 short stories a week has prompted my brain to rebel every time I try to write something other than my main project.

Oh, darn. I guess I’ll just have to work on my main project then.

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Mini Post: Steampunk

The clammy English fog clung to every breath the airship crew dared to take, the damp chill gnawing at any exposed skin. The late autumn caused airways to become more dangerous, with the air temperature near freezing, the fuel lines were at an increased risk of icing over. Two ships had been lost on the Northern patrol in the past year alone, and these losses weighed heavily on everyone’s minds at departure.

Airships were a modernized wonder, requiring a smaller crew to run and were nearly untouchable. Cannons heavy enough to damage a ship were too heavy to transport, which meant that the sky belonged to the blade. To pull off a successful raid required a skilled boarding party, which also depended upon possessing another ship and the British Royal Science Society was not sharing any secrets.

Having a hard time today. Just ticked off for no reason. 

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The Fall– Click for inspiration

I was in shock.

I could see a chunk of bone sticking through my right fore-arm. There was no pain.

Shock was awesome.

This is why I hated camping and hiking, something like this always happened. Well, this was the first time I slipped on wet rocks and gave myself a compound fracture, but getting bit constantly by bugs was almost as bad. There wasn’t any mental block from that sensation.

The water flowing around me was accented heavily in crimson. I was probably going to die down here. I really hoped it was before this little mental fugue went away because it was going to hurt like hell.

There was the sound of footsteps.

“Hey,” I called. “Over here. I’m a little banged up.”

I could hear scraping over rock. They must have brought a stretcher. Damn, that was fast. A strong hand grabbed my leg then pulled me from my jagged perch.

“Easy there.”

I was flipped over. The impact knocked the breath from my lungs and the nerve impulses in my arm began to fire. A scream began to well up in my throat and died as my eyes locked onto my would-be rescuer.

Suddenly dying of blood loss didn’t seem like such a bad thing.


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Type-Typing Type Typitty

I’m having a hard time writing. Not the actual creative process, just finding time. With a job, a family, and that pesky urge to eat and sleep my time through the day is at a premium. 

The other day I was lucky enough to get about 1100 words out. This may not seem like a lot but it is usually a struggle to get more than 200 in a day. Somehow my goblins pick the exact moment when I’m about to start writing to throw a fit or start trying to tear the house/each other apart. I thought it was Word sending out some sort of sub-sonic pulse only toddlers can hear but I’ve found that it has something more to do with the sound of keys being pressed.

How did I get this 1k you ask?

Nap time, glorious nap time. For about two hours it was just me, my playlist, and Word. Once everyone woke up I was able to finish my last two hundred words and head back into Daddy-Mode.

Currently, I have one major project and the other one I was working on has been put on hold. Though exposure to some quality beta-readers I’ve come to see that it does have the potential to be a full length novel, but I need to do some work on it.

The main story I’m working on started out on a whim and keeps growing. I’m about ten pages in and about to start the third chapter. I don’t want to give too much away, I’ll just say that it’s an Urban Fantasy set somewhere I know extensively and it’s kind of cathartic to write it.

However, the project on hold is one I don’t mind talking about. It started out as a short story and during the Cubed Challenge I was able to work out some back-story for the main character. It’s the first short I’ve ever submitted to a magazine and while it was rejected it was still a big step for me. Usually I talk myself out of finishing things so getting to the submission stage is rather far off.

I’m kind of rambling. My blog has kind of fallen to the wayside because I’ve been using the stolen moments to work on my stories rather than posts. I’m thinking I should go back to doing a daily short to keep things fresh. Three a week sounds doable.

Starting this week, Monday to Sunday there will be 3 short stories.


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