Detention of the Dead – Movie Review

Go watch the trailer:

Do you expect this to be the Citizen Kane of zombie movies? No, but it looks like fun.

That’s what it is. It isn’t the best zombie movie out there, but it by far isn’t the worst. There isn’t really any depth, there isn’t anything new, it’s The Breakfast Club meets Shawn of the Dead, but not nearly the caliber. The characters are the standard high school cut-outs and they try to add depth toward the end. Luckily, it means that the actors all hit their marks. The Jock is the Jock excellently, the Stoner is the Stoner of great toke-age, and so on. It knows it is a comedy, the characters are aware of the tropes, and it doesn’t take itself seriously.

My Verdict: Well worth the Redbox if you’re looking for a comedy, if you want a horror movie, go elsewhere.


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