No Facebook Day 1

Damn, damn, damn. I forgot all of my beta-readers are contacted through my groups. I should log on to send them my email address.

No, Scott. You said two days without logging on. Two days isn’t that big of a deal, it can wait.


I’ve decided to take a couple of days away from facebook. Not to take my toys and go home, or to storm off, just to try to adjust my habits online. I spend a lot of time on that site just scrolling through my wall and looking at silly pictures.

Instead I could actually do things, like write a blog post, or write period. Imagine what would happen if I tried to take a step back form my laptop for two days? I might actually catch up on the dishes.

Nah, that would be boring.

As the above quasi-craziness states, my first thought was to log-in. I’m thinking it’s more of an addiction than a habit. Just a click, you can do it, what’s the harm? One click won’t suck away your entire day will it? BOOM. Three hours later I’m wondering where my morning went.

WELL NO MORE. For two days. Starting Wednesday I’ll set a daily time limit.

It’s 8:19, I’ve turned on my laptop at 7:45 and I’ve caught up on local news, checked my comics, wrote a short blog post, and then I’m going to check my email and have breakfast.

After that I think I’ll just let some music play and start working on a cleaning project I’ve been avoiding.

Let’s see how day 1 goes.


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