Villain Swap #1- Geek Related Post

Can anyone guess what this post is going to be about?

If you aren’t really a fan of superhero’s then I’ll see you in the next post. This is just me spinning my creative wheels to make sure they don’t rust.

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin– Here would be a cross-persona thing going here as well. Norman and Bruce could be colleagues while Goblin and Batman would be enemies. There could also be something of an arms race from the RnD departments. Add-in Hobgoblin as a mercenary to get things started while pulling the gaze from Norman and we’re looking at an interesting plot that could build nicely.
Kingpin– Pretty much the mafia angle, but this guy doesn’t mind employing and equipping masked men.
Venom– Who wouldn’t want to see Batman in the black suit?
Kraven– As seen in Batman Beyond ala Stalker
Mysterio– Mad Hatter sans the Alice in Wonderland vibes with a bit of Hugo Strange.
The Lizard– Wayne Enterprises scientist.
Doc Oc– Another scientist, had his funding cut when his experiments proved unstable.
Electro– Test subject turned criminal.

Two-Face– Instead of a DA I’m seeing him as a cop on the trail of Spider-Man. Mix equal parts Captain Stacy with Dirty Harry, trying to stop this vigilante nonsense before it gets out of hand. Harvey is intense, driven, and one night while hot on the trail of the masked menace he is scarred beyond repair both mentally and physically.
Joker– Not much needs to be changed for the Clown Prince. Maybe make him a younger, but just as crazy, and his only real purpose is to break Spidey. Kind of Venom without the need for a symbiote.
Penguin– I’m thinking something more akin to the Danny Devito version rather than the nightclub owner. Have him as part of a roving circus of crime, giving him the backstory with him and Joker hating each other more roots.
Mad Hatter– Make him a literature professor and Bobs your uncle. Plenty of subjects to turn into his guests and a lot of potential Alice’s. Heck, Gwen looks an awful lot like Alice.
Killer Croc– Have him be part of the circus of crime, at first. He’s getting really tired of working as the muscle and wants to branch out on his own.
Hugo Strange– Psych Professor.
Scarecrow– Disgraced Psych Professor ala Animated Adventures.
Ventriloquist– I’m seeing him as the Ringmaster of the crime circus. He could even think that with the bad press Spider-Man could be a recruit.

Catwoman and Black Cat are pretty much interchangeable.

Any additions? Thoughts? Comments?


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