Type-Typing Type Typitty

I’m having a hard time writing. Not the actual creative process, just finding time. With a job, a family, and that pesky urge to eat and sleep my time through the day is at a premium. 

The other day I was lucky enough to get about 1100 words out. This may not seem like a lot but it is usually a struggle to get more than 200 in a day. Somehow my goblins pick the exact moment when I’m about to start writing to throw a fit or start trying to tear the house/each other apart. I thought it was Word sending out some sort of sub-sonic pulse only toddlers can hear but I’ve found that it has something more to do with the sound of keys being pressed.

How did I get this 1k you ask?

Nap time, glorious nap time. For about two hours it was just me, my playlist, and Word. Once everyone woke up I was able to finish my last two hundred words and head back into Daddy-Mode.

Currently, I have one major project and the other one I was working on has been put on hold. Though exposure to some quality beta-readers I’ve come to see that it does have the potential to be a full length novel, but I need to do some work on it.

The main story I’m working on started out on a whim and keeps growing. I’m about ten pages in and about to start the third chapter. I don’t want to give too much away, I’ll just say that it’s an Urban Fantasy set somewhere I know extensively and it’s kind of cathartic to write it.

However, the project on hold is one I don’t mind talking about. It started out as a short story and during the Cubed Challenge I was able to work out some back-story for the main character. It’s the first short I’ve ever submitted to a magazine and while it was rejected it was still a big step for me. Usually I talk myself out of finishing things so getting to the submission stage is rather far off.

I’m kind of rambling. My blog has kind of fallen to the wayside because I’ve been using the stolen moments to work on my stories rather than posts. I’m thinking I should go back to doing a daily short to keep things fresh. Three a week sounds doable.

Starting this week, Monday to Sunday there will be 3 short stories.



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