The Fall– Click for inspiration

I was in shock.

I could see a chunk of bone sticking through my right fore-arm. There was no pain.

Shock was awesome.

This is why I hated camping and hiking, something like this always happened. Well, this was the first time I slipped on wet rocks and gave myself a compound fracture, but getting bit constantly by bugs was almost as bad. There wasn’t any mental block from that sensation.

The water flowing around me was accented heavily in crimson. I was probably going to die down here. I really hoped it was before this little mental fugue went away because it was going to hurt like hell.

There was the sound of footsteps.

“Hey,” I called. “Over here. I’m a little banged up.”

I could hear scraping over rock. They must have brought a stretcher. Damn, that was fast. A strong hand grabbed my leg then pulled me from my jagged perch.

“Easy there.”

I was flipped over. The impact knocked the breath from my lungs and the nerve impulses in my arm began to fire. A scream began to well up in my throat and died as my eyes locked onto my would-be rescuer.

Suddenly dying of blood loss didn’t seem like such a bad thing.



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2 responses to “The Fall

  1. hey, wait. I want to know who the would-be rescuer is! (and just an fyi, you may want to hear “scraping” over rock, instead of “scrapping”) feel free to delete this grammar Nazi’s post after you infiltrate said grammar infraction. πŸ˜€

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