Damn It Brain

There are rare wonderful times when I get to take a nap. These are days when I’m dragging and just need to crash, my wife is awesome. Two things seem to happen on these days.

1. The tree outside my window decides to move some branches so the sunlight lands perfectly on my pillow.

2. My brain comes up with very uncommon scenarios and won’t let me sleep until I have examined my options.

About three weeks ago I had a string of thought that led into a nightmare about winning the lottery. Yes, a nightmare about winning millions of dollars. My brain was focused on the machinations of moving, how to deal with keeping or upgrading possessions, and how we were going to hire a tour bus to travel with a family across country.

Okay, this isn’t completely unheard of. I have a chance, be it ever so small, that I could win the lotto. This chance is infinitely larger than the chance of finding a magic lamp that would allow three wishes. Why do I mention this? Well, it’s because the few wonderful minutes I got to sleep before going to work today was taken up by this train of thought.

I prepared for the sun, covering my face, and position a sheet over the other window. As my head found the perfect angle on the pillow I had a memory of the movie Aladdin and absently wondered what I would do with three wishes.

I had two lined up, which were pretty cool:
1. I wish I had a machine that would allow me to perfectly clone any living person.
2. I wish I had a machine that would allow for the transferring of consciousnesses.
Then, slightly less cool:
3. I wish I had the ability to draw at the expert level. 

THEN I had a thought that maybe this genie took things literally. How would I counter the inevitable mistranslated order. Could I work the wishes into a written format? Could I outsmart the genie and work things to my benefit? Could I wish to find more genies?

Did I sleep at all? I don’t really know, but you better freaking believe I’m prepared for finding that lamp now.

Damn it, brain, I’m going to poke you with a Q-tip.


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