Riddick: Movie Review


Riddick, the third (or forth if you count to anime) movie in the Chronicles.
Was it worth the wait? Is it worth the box office?

Short Answer: No.

I really enjoyed Pitch Black. The Chronicles of RIddick was a good cheesey science fiction movie that I enjoy… sometimes. When I went into RIddick I was expecting a vaguely scifi movie with action. Basically, a B-Movie with an inflated budget like the two before it. That was my lowest expectation and it disappointed me.

It does play faithfully to the prior movies, which is cool, but it’s just fan-service. In this the character of Riddick is just too good at everything. There is no doubt that his plans will work out or that he won’t kick a bunch of ass. Vin Diesel needed someone else in the writers room on this.

“How about we take a step back,” they would say. “Maybe we don’t have this guy be such an ***hat. What if he’s just a bounty hunter instead of the obviously evil guy?”

The biggest point against the movie though is that it doesn’t hold to its internal logic. This is a big thing for me. If the writers and directors don’t care enough about their story to keep things intact then why should I as a viewer care?


Batista, the professional wrestler, plays one of the mercs hunting Riddick. I love seeing pro wrestlers make the jump to acting, they’ve got the physicality down for action scenes and if they do suit-work they make awesome monsters.

There is a scene where Batista is tasked with shooting a wild dog. He purposely misses and says he killed it. We see a bit a depth to the character. He isn’t just some lunatic. Cool.


Later on he decides to betray two other characters and winds up getting killed. This is pointless, doesn’t fit in with the character, and makes no sense. This is just one point where the movie had me scratching my head.

Katee Sackhoff was wasted on this project.

Redbox it if you’re that big of a fan.



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3 responses to “Riddick: Movie Review

  1. Had a fun time with this movie, even if it was very dumb. Nice review.

  2. I stopped reading your review at the spoiler warning. Thanks for that. I’ll have to remember to come back and read it all when I’ve seen the movie next week. (This week the Tuesday movie gang is getting together to re-watch the 2nd full-length movie in preparation for seeing the third.)

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