Survival… and zombies

I’m playing a game called The Walking Dead by Telltale Games which is about people and zombies. Since I’ve been on a zombie kick and the story is awesome, I decided to dive in. I’m about two or three chapters into it and something came up that made me question the plot.

Spoilers ahead.

The group runs into people who have turned cannibal and things go bad. This is the point in the story when food is running low and tensions are high.

I don’t really see this as a problem. Cannibalism, while not socially acceptable, is a viable survival option. When food is scarce and survival is on the line, why not take the weakest and make them a meal?

I’m not saying just chow down on the guy next door with no reason. We’re talking about a disaster of literally epic proportions that has rendered the simple task of walking outside to be deadly. If you look historically at survival situation, such as a plane crash or a long winter lost on the trail, and eating people instead of starving works. Granted, if you toss zombies into the situation you have to make sure the person is actually alive when you harvest the meat, which implies the person needs to be either injured, sick, or at the very least unconscious.

In a very dire situation you probably could cook up a zombie as long as it was fresh. I wouldn’t want to be the first person to eat it. In The Walking Dead everyone will eventually be a zombie upon death unless the brain is destroyed so ingesting cooked zombie meat most likely wouldn’t really hurt.

Yeah, I think I’ve hit Zombie critical mass. I’ll take a break from the undead for a while… aside from the game. It is amazing storytelling.


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