Project Completion Blues

I recently finished a project I’ve been working on. Due to juggling various responsibilities it took me a few months to pound out a little over 18k. I’ve sent it off to some volunteer readers to get some input and I’m doing my best to wait patiently.

The problem came the day after I sent it off: I had nothing to work on. My brain felt like jello so I took a day off. The next day I couldn’t really bring myself to do much beyond stare at the screen so I took another day to relax. Today was day three and I started to get worried.

Yes, I had just finished a project I’d been writing for three months but I needed to do some writing. If not writing I needed to do something creative to keep the gears from locking up.

When I need something mindlessly creative I work on my digital dudes:

That’s my version of Peter Rabbit. I have dreams of being a comic book artist. There are a lot of ideas that I have that would work in a more visual media. Problem being that I’m about six years of hard practice from doing anything half-way decent. I’ve considered working out a sprite sheet for the pixel guys but that’s beyond my skill currently. It’s still something I’m trying to figure out.

Tangent, sorry.

Well, today after looking at the blank Word page for a while I started cycling through my ‘Cool Pictures’ folder for inspiration. I was thinking of doing an exercise for writing. Pull up a picture, write the scene or story that comes to mind. After going through three or four of them I deleted the drivel I had forced on the page and just started writing.

It worked 🙂

I’ve got almost 1600 words in the first chapter and it feels good.

Lesson of the day: When all else fails, get to writing.


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