Coffee and the Creative Process

Dunkin Donuts logo

Dunkin Donuts logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the past three days I have been without coffee.

I’m a bit sluggish in my daily activities but Stress + Strong Coffee = Heartburn.

In those three days the average daily output is a little over 800 words. I’m not sure if they are the most inspired additions. Thanks to some great Soundtracks on Youtube I’m able to keep the gears going.

I do believe that coffee helps in the creative process and I know that I’m something of a caffeine addict so these last few days have been something of a shock. It leaves me wondering if my daily average word count would be a few hundred words higher with coffee. I’m beginning to weigh the pros and cons of heartburn vs productivity.

The situation isn’t helped by how amazing the coffee smells. I picked up a package of Dunkin Donuts Caramel Creme Cake flavored coffee. When I open the package I salivate slightly.

What’s the thought?
Coffee flavored inspiration vs free-form work.


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