Dead in Tombstone – Movie Review

A Western with a supernatural tilt.

I have a soft spot for Westerns. I love the damn things. I can’t help it, though I never was much of a fan of John Wayne. Mixing the ‘deal with the devil’ plot in with a classic betrayal story should have struck gold but it missed the mark. It’s somewhat fun to watch and Danny Trejo is the equivalent of Hispanic version of Jason Statham playing the same roll over and over but killing it each time. He’s a bad ass with two revolvers and a debt to the devil to pay.

The first two acts of the movie play out pretty well but in the third act is when things bog down. A long chase scene towards the end with plenty of WTF moments. My favorite is when an overturned wagon turns into a catapult and then the three men riding in said wagonapult hit the ground like they had a hard sneeze. The saloon scene is pretty mind-numbing and the hostage thing during last part is just annoying. I have to say the final showdown at High Midnight, not noon, is amusing.

Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall, and Mickey Rourke headline the movie but Dina Meyer steals the show. She is awesome in this and she needs more action rolls. Not that Anthony Michael Hall doesn’t make an awesome bad guy. When I saw him listed in the cast I was worried but in reality the one that kills their screen time is Mickey Rourke. Aside from name recognition I’m not sure what he brings to the table. Whoever did his costume work should rethink their career choices. It almost sounded like they dubbed over him for most of the movie.

My Verdict: If you love Westerns, Redbox/Netflix it. Otherwise, skip it.


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