The World Ended Ten Years Ago…

The world ended ten years ago, but we didn’t figure it out for a while.

It started with small pieces of the night sky blinking out during the night. We know now that it was their ships temporarily blocking the light. There were fluctuations in communications worldwide that were attributed to a spike in solar flares. Our final warning was the sudden shift in climate instead of the gradual rise due to greenhouse gasses.  We were too distracted by the resulting natural disasters to realize that the reports of a complete blackout of the night sky went unnoticed. They had taken years to adjust our planet to better fit their needs. Once it was to their liking they attacked and we lost.

Their time spent studying our world and methods were put to good use. Our satellites were useless, switched off or broadcasting static. They outclassed out technology in ways we could only dream. Somehow they neutralized our nuclear reactors. Power plants, submarines, missiles, and even medical equipment just stopped working.

Then they landed. Their drill shaped ship plowed into the ground, transforming into cities within the night. An entire year passed and nothing in monolithic fortresses moved, however the world kept changing. No one knew how to handle these things, they didn’t respond to any sort of communications, their cities had some sort force barrier to protect against assault, and there was no outward sign the city-ships were anything beyond space junk. We were monkeys in an art gallery.

The human race was so caught up trying to see inside these ships we didn’t see what was happening all around us. Massive climate change was taking place in those first days, the ice caps shrunk by half raising the sea level. If we had been paying closer attention we would have noticed the tropical regions had tripled in size.

It was October fifth on a Wednesday when the ships opened up. A year had passed since the ships had landed; the world was dealing with unexplained weather phenomena and the usual conflicts of people killing each other. The ships had turned to old news with only conspiracy nuts and bored government employees kept an eye on it. That didn’t last long.

For the first time the human race saw that the passengers of the ships; bipedal reptilians, something of a cross between a komodo dragon, crocodile, and a T-Rex. Their image was broadcast across the globe within the hour. They changed our world to better fit them and boy did it. We could only speculate as to what made them take to the stars but it was clear why they landed.

Earth was practically overstocked with plenty of tasty things for them to eat. We called them Dragons.

This is the world I live in, here there be dragons.


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