Wattpad and other Stuff

Sorry for the long bought of no posts. I know my readers have just been chomping at the bit for more. The flu hit the household the same week as vacation, so that was fun.

Have you ever thought “I like this blog, but I don’t want to have to pay to read what he writes?”
Well, here’s your option: http://www.wattpad.com/user/ScottMcCoskey

It’s a fun site with a lot of good content just waiting to be found. My stuff is among the undiscovered gems, as of right now. I’ve got another story that I plan on posting (once it’s got a coat of shine on it) and I think that one will be a bit more popular. A couple of my online friends pointed me to the site. I currently have a 2 chapter preview of Bad Mojo Blues, a short fantasy story, and a Steampunk story posted.

Here are the covers for the two stories:


These images were made on the online utility: iPiccy.
If you’re an author, especially an Indie, and have never tried the site, you should. It’s an amazing tool to have at hand.


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