Working Out an Idea


I had this story I was working on that was doing pretty well. I got to a part where I thought book 1 would end and started getting feedback to work on the second draft. That was when the problems started. In the first chapter I was trying to build the world and progress the story in a nature manner that just wasn’t working. From then on things just kind of snowballed down into a realization that I wasn’t telling the story right.

The setting is a fantasy one where magic stops working. This is rather hard for the world, especially a flying Elven city which falls out of the sky and destroys a chunk of the Elven lands. The setting is sound, I’ve got some other details that I’m glossing over to add depth, but it was the delivery that was faltering. My main character was a Elf in a refugee camp that specialized in scavenging items from the ruins, it also took place roughly a century after the big event.

I like this idea, I want to keep working with it, but this is the second time I’ve had to rework it. The first attempt was a series of short stories that were pretty much growing pains. It’s actually posted in my blog in pieces.

See, the hook to the setting is that technology has taken over now that magic is gone. With the hundred odd years of world progression I was able to work in a lot more tech in a logical manner. Yes, I know, it’s fiction, whatever the author says is the story, but I prefer a story that makes sense, at least internally.

With magic as the major power in the world technology was mostly eccentricity, or for those who weren’t magically inclined. Magic ‘dies’ and suddenly this small kingdom of tinkerers is in big demand. They use this sudden fame to expand their holdings, and only allow decommissioned tech to be sold. This allows them a superior standing, a healthy income, plenty of clients, and isn’t in anyway based on real world dealings.

I’m thinking that maybe I should make the main character part of this technological kingdom instead of an Elf, and set the story right after the city crashing. My problem with this is that the tech at the time of the fall is roughly steampunk and I was hoping for something a bit more diesel. With the century for the kingdom to advance they would be dieselpunk while the rest of the world would barely be pushing steam.

As you can tell this is mostly an internal dialogue that I really need to work out.



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