Over-Thinking Disney Fairies: A conversation


The official box art

Thank goodness this movie came out. I’ve watched Frozen so many times that I wake up with the music playing in my head. I’ve had to scrub my gray-matter with Lordi so many times I’ve lost count.

Back to the topic.

A Conversation with my wife-
ME: So they can be fired from their talents?
WIFE: Apparently.
ME: Tink destroyed spring and they didn’t fire her.
WIFE: Yeah. *shrugs*
ME: If they had, she would have some back a couple of years later with power armor and a troll army. *MIMES WALKING IN POWER ARMOR* You answer to me now!
WIFE: I would watch that every day.



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One response to “Over-Thinking Disney Fairies: A conversation

  1. Not only would I watch that ever day, I would also Cosplay as that version of Tinkerbell. I would wear the costume all the time.

    “Hey, we are going to a fancy dinner? Not without my Battle Armor!”

    “A wedding? No wedding is complete without my Battle Armor!”

    “A funeral? Even Death must lay down his weapons at the sight of my Battle Armor!”

    I haven’t overthought that part at all, nope nope nope…

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