Short Fiction: Day 1 2014- NNS Part 1

Part 1

Andrew adjusted the visor as he relaxed on the bed. Millions of people logged onto the neural network each night, but this was his first time. He had finally saved up enough for the dock implants and most of the services he needed were free to access. All he had to do was activate the visor and go to sleep. From there the technology would take over and he would be able off to the virtual world. Andrew looked around the small studio apartment and tried once more to convince himself that this purchase was worth the expense.

The education packet came free with installation. Due to the time dilation in the sleep cycle he could complete a year of schooling two months. From there he could take a test IRL for certification, and that would lead to a better job, more money, and an apartment where he wouldn’t have to fold up his bed into the wall to use the toilet. He felt a slight tingle across his forehead as he powered on the visor.

All he had to do was fall asleep.

Simple enough.

It was amazing how many times he had looked up at the spackling on the ceiling with out noticing the shape of a frog near the doorway. Andrew took a deep breath and tried to relax.

** I considered just putting on long expletive here after looking at the screen for ten minutes without a single word coming to mind. I’ve been playing a lot of video games lately, so I decided to write what I know. VR escapism. I’m attempting to do a short post each day of a minimum of 200 words. This one clocks in at 224, not including the note. Part 2 will be longer.**


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