A new contest for fantasy short stories, the Baen Fantasy Awards

Reblogging for those writers out there.
I’m not sure if i’m going to enter. I don’t have anything in the works that’s really a fantasy.

Monster Hunter Nation

They just put up information about the new Baen Fantasy Awards.

This is a short story contest. All of the details are at this link: http://www.baen.com/baenfantasyaward.asp

I am one of the judges. No. Don’t try to suck up. I won’t see any of the writer’s names. 🙂

What we want to see: Adventure fantasy with heroes you want to root for. Warriors either modern or medieval, who solve problems with their wits or with their sword–and we have nothing against dragons, elves, dwarves, castles under siege, urban fantasy, damsels in distress, or damsels who can’t be bothered to be distressed.

What we don’t want to see: Political drama with no action, angst-ridden teens pining over vampire lovers, religious allegory, novel segments, your gaming adventure transcript, anything set in any universe not your own, “it was all a dream” endings, or screenplays.

The winners will be honored at GenCon.

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2 responses to “A new contest for fantasy short stories, the Baen Fantasy Awards

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve had a fantasy plot kind of fleshed out in my head for years that’s a bit different than your average teenage angst pining over vampire love, lol. Just haven’t ever been able to find its true potential.

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