Day 12: Short Fiction 2014 – 2013

The Mayan calendar counted down to 2013 and people watched with expectation. What would happen when the time hit zero? When the day hit there was a collection sigh of relief, or derision, as nothing seemed to change. Something did happen, though it was small at first. A willowisp in a swamp here, a tree sprite there, just the the little things that were easily dismissed as a trick of light.

It was the following January when the first goblin attack was reported. No one took it seriously, it was written off as some punks rolling the homeless. The events were still too sporadic for people to realize the same things were happening all over the world. Goblins liked dark dank places and city sewers were the perfect spot for them to settle. They spread like wildfire without an encroaching enemy to keep their numbers down.

People were disappearing all over the world. Unnatural shapes moved in the moonlight.  It was May when the first confirmed sighting was made. A subway platform camera caught a group of goblins carrying unsuspecting passengers into the darkened tunnels beyond. Shortly after that a fishing trawler went missing on calm seas. Once again man learned to fear the dark. The forests of the world began to expand without visibly moving an inch, somehow they grew from within.

Magic had returned to the world in force.


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Filed under Short Fiction, Urban Fantasy

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