Hmm… Well.

I’ve been trying to improve my writing, and this led me to seek input from a couple of my trusted readers. These are the people who see the first through X drafts of what I’m working on. They help me catch the grammar errors, missed commas, and input on characters to make them sound like people rather than just words on the page. I asked for unbarred input, don’t spare my feelings, just tell me what I need to fix, or something that I should improve.

The general consensus is that I write my characters too awesome. They are nonplussed by the zombie uprising, or sudden attack by wild animals; which makes them a little hard to relate with. I’ve taken this into consideration, but it’s kind of tossed a wrench in my works. Until it was pointed out to me, I didn’t realize I was writing my characters too strong. I’ve come up with a couple of reworkings to get in order, but now I’m second-guessing myself. 

For example, I had a fantasy story about a young woman who is out scouting and stumbles into a nest of aggressive wild animals. Before she left she snagged her father’s sword, but she isn’t a soldier, she’s a novice explorer. As it stands, she walks away without a scratch & the animals aren’t so lucky.

I’m now rolling the idea around in my head trying to see it from other angles. Not just that story too. Bad Mojo Blues (my first forray into eBook publishing) might get a bit of an overhaul too. My confidence has taken a shot. I’m having a hard time writing anything right now.


Thanks for reading.


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