Sleepless rant

Apologies for the lack of posts as of late. I’ve been lacking sleep and don’t trust my fingers to form actual words.

On a side note, I’ve really enjoyed looking into the variations on the ‘punk’ genres. Cyberpunk, steampunk, and the like. I’ve only recently found out that there’s a complete other attachment to such ideas when you switch out ‘punk’ for ‘funk’ and other witty substitutions. I’ve found these really cool to delve into. Steampunk especially is very whitewashed. I get it, Victorian England is the starting point, but there’s an entire world out there.

To date I’ve still only seen 2 Native American Steampunk/funk designs and 1 Indian.

My personal gripe with the Steampunk genre was that it excluded the US. The Edwardian/Victorian Era is the Wild West across the pond. That ignores Native Peoples, Desperados, Buffalo Soldiers, and the whole Gold Rush. How would flying ships and steampowered mechanics shape the American West?

Actually, what I’ve always wanted to see was someone take on the Zulu for a Steampunk project. Considering how much of an important part Africa and Asia played in the Age of Exploration, they get left out. I guess they don’t want to muss up their bowler hats & gowns with such messy ideas.

Does that make sense? I’m a little tired.


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