Plot, Replot, and first drafts

The second book in the Bad Mojo Series, currently untitled, has gone through some growing pains. I was shoehorning it into a certain plot that I thought would work, but it just wasn’t going well. The process is going now better now. It’s still slow, school and life take precedence, but there is progress.

The funny thing is that I’m not changing the major elements. The new villain and main plot are just getting a different angle rather than a complete rewrite. It was the minor stuff that needed more work. I found that a lot of the actions the characters were taking, while logical, didn’t have much in the way of motivation.

It was simply: here is the problem, this will fix it, let’s do that. There was no real emotional input. I had this scene where the new… badder guy is introduced, and it didn’t have any depth to it. The entire thing was too easy. While I’ve kept the character, he’s been revamped from a simple plot device to something imposing.

For my (very) small fan base out there, I hope it’s enjoyable. I’m hoping to get the first draft finished within the next couple of months. The second and third usually go faster, so I’ll have to get it edited, and a cover put together.

Of course this would all go a bit faster if I stopped writing this blog post and got back to work on the story. That is a good idea.


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  1. I think we’re always our worst critic because we expect perfection from ourselves. I have no doubt your second will not only be as good as the first, but better. I’ve seen your writing grow in just the few short months since Bad Mojo Blues came out and since it was written well before then, that’s that much more time. And hey, if you ever want help with your covers, I’d be more than happy to give it a shot (free of charge of course!)

    P.S. You might want to wear a mask if you go outside, there’s a really bad cough going around. 🙂

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