Conceal Carry Questions

With the recent shootings I’ve began to wonder about the mechanics of a conceal carry in these situations. I’m not a gun nut, but I know how to shoot, I treat firearms with proper respect, and I’m perfectly fine with people owning a firearm as long as they aren’t morons with it.

Now, say you’re a person with a conceal carry permit and you just happen to find yourself in a situation with an active shooter. Said bad person is shooting helpless people, you have a weapon, and attempt to stop said person. Yes, it is possible to stop the shooter without adding another firearm to the mix, that incredibly brave guy in Seattle showed us this, but that is a big risk. You don’t know the shooters capabilities, skill set, or history. They could reload faster than you think. Suddenly, you are in the open and they’ve got a fully loaded weapon and a high priority target.

Having a gun sounds like a pretty damn good idea now.

Best case scenario: you draw your firearm and take down the shooter. What now?

The police are most definitely in route, and they have reports of a shooter at your location. How do you identify yourself as a concerned citizen rather than a partner in crime? That’s my main issue here. A police officer, multiple of them, are headed into the situation ready for the worst, and you’re there, in the chaos, with a gun.

Going with the best case scenario, the shooter is down (possibly dead), and the police are en route. Holster your gun, attend to the wounded, and clear the area?

Now, not best case scenario: draw your firearm, shoot, and the shooter is (at best) hurt or (at worst) wearing body armor, and now you’re target #1. Logically, you’ve got limited ammo. If you planned ahead, you maybe have two magazines ready, and that’s kind of borderline creepy. Most likely, you’ve got one full run and then you’re dry. Depending on your weapon of choice that’s anywhere from 4 to 19 shots before you’re SOL.

If this is covered in the CC classes, please, let me know.



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