I have fond memories of childhood. The shows and movies I watched, the books I read, and the toys I played with all have a special place in my grey matter that I look back on fondly. Here’s the thing, these days, I realize most of it was crap.

When the big action figure I had to save up three weeks allowance to buy now has three variations at the Dollar Store, I can accept that toys have taken a leap forward. The same with books, movies, and TV shows. Yes, there are some exceptions (Gargoyles, Batman The Animated Series, and the first Ninja Turtles movie), but come on people. A lot of it just wasn’t good.

The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Akira, Heavy Metal, and The Last Unicorn… they weren’t that good back then, and these days they would be direct to video releases. Don’t get me wrong, I love most of Jim Henson and his workshop does excellent work, but those two movies are horrible.

Akira was one of the first big anime’s to hit the states, and I can admit that there are some good visuals in in. The details they put into the shots were amazing, but the story was meh. I’ve seen it about three times, every time I think maybe I just didn’t get the right attitude while seeing it, and every time I’m let down.

Heavy Metal and The Last Unicorn, while somewhat different ends of the spectrum, both fall really flat due to two major issues. The first being that they weren’t put out by Disney, that was the studio to beat for animated films and they had their schtick together. Second, the voice acting was horrible.  It’s flat, emotionless, and sounds like they recorded it with a tape deck in the breakroom.

I get it, people want to think back on how good things were, but open up your eyes. Thing are pretty good today. Sure, there were some good ideas back then, that and nostalgia is why studios keep digging them up. It’s a cash grab at the worst of times. At the best, someone who loves the source material is able to expand on it.

Have a good night, people. Keep the memories close and let the tapes gather dust.


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  1. Things are so much better now because of technological advances, yes. But I think simplicity plays a part in nostalgia. The very reasons you list for being downfalls are the very reasons I remember those movies so fondly, as silly as it may seem.

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