When I Can’t Sleep

The other night I couldn’t sleep, so I started working ideas over. In that half-dream state a lot of problems can be looked at from different angles. Little things, like plots, characters, and RPG systems.

I spent the better part of Monday trying to iron out the RPG idea I had. It’s really annoying, I have it in my head, but trying to find the words to explain it just doesn’t click the way it should. That being said I’ve got about 3 pages of notes. All I need is to iron out the details, lockdown a setting, and maybe get a couple of playtests done before I see if it was worth the effort. I miss tabletop RPGs, there just isn’t enough time these days. Well, time and other gamers. Leveling and experience, those too. That’s an important part I need to work out.

Back to the creative stuff.

Book 2 tossed me a bit of a curveball so it’s slow going. I like how it has turned out, and stand by the changes, but I had this tidy little plot that is mostly gorked now (side note, I love that ‘gorked’ is a recognized word). Chapter 9 became Chapter 3, the big bad went from just another talking head to something imposing, and my MC now has a mess on his hands. Plenty of fodder for my brain to churn into content.

My second creative project is something that I can’t quite give up on. I have the tendency to overthink my stories. Research is a big time sink for me; I just like to construct an ‘inner logic’ to things. Doing so in a fantasy/scifi piece can lead to a lot of time spent staring at the ceiling wondering why I just spent 3 hours digging through various websites looking for the proper shoes for a character that doesn’t even get three lines. The thing is, I’m aware of this, but I fall into the trap every time. It starts out as something simple, I’ll just look up what this jacket looks like, and then suddenly I’m looking into the political relationships of European countries in the 1840s. Sometimes looking through my travels of Wikipedia can be rather disjointed. Basically, I’m holding onto an idea that I love, but haven’t been happy with yet.

My third creative project is still in the amorphous blob on my spice rack stage. I’ve kind of got the second and third chapter in mind, but the first isn’t connected quite yet. It’s a bit hungry and is due to eat a few smaller ideas that have collected too much dust.

That’s enough for me for now. Possibly some short fiction later this week. It’s kind of busy on this side of the screen.


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