Emilio Martin and The Literary Explorers

I posted a short introduction to the story a couple of days ago. My original plan was to use it as an exercise for YA/Teen fiction and move on. The unexpected hook was that I rather enjoyed the story. Ideas came together and connected in a way that I wanted to keep going. This new idea coupled with my exploration of the books in Public Domain got some juices flowing. I was thinking of doing two projects at once, one to be released on sale and one on Wattpad. Literary Explorers would be on Wattpad to allow for a bit more freedom.

There were a few ideas on how to carry forward, but I’ve run into a problem. I can’t find the ‘Why’ of things. I have another idea brewing, and I’ve got the why of it, but that won’t be published until it’s finished. I’m going to take back the curtain for this idea to expose the inner-workings of my brain.

The Literary Explorers would be a group of people with the skill to actually enter fiction. I first found this idea when read Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next Series, and have wanted to do something similar, but with my own angle on things. This new slant was something along the lines of an involuntary excursion into these fictional words. Similar to the opening scene of the movie Jumanji the Explorers would be sucked into fiction.

This is where I got a bit hung up. Why would they be sucked in? What was the purpose?

At first the idea was rather structured. The Literary Explorers were a group of skilled individuals who ventured into Fiction to fix the stories that had gone awry. I scrapped this idea, because it is similar to the Jasper Fforde series, and felt a like ‘the adventure of the week’ was setting in before it began. Then the idea of it being something unexpected, just POW they’re in Fiction and they have to get out. I like this setup, but it still leaves the why. Some people will say, just write it, but I have a really hard time if I don’t have a horizon to aim for.

How are they sucked in? How do they get home? What is the reason for it? The first motivation would be to get back home, but there has to be a reason for them to be there in the first place.


My brain can’t figure out this puzzle.

I’ll put it on the shelf and see what ideas it eats.



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2 responses to “Emilio Martin and The Literary Explorers

  1. UPDATE:
    I think I’ve got the Why.

  2. Also reminds me a bit of the Neverending Story. Bastian didn’t know he was reading a really real tale and that he was at the epicenter of it. But you could somehow insert a character from the fiction into the real life aspect just as Falcore in NYC when Bastian was being bullied by the kids in the alley. Maybe they/it could somehow transport him from real life to the fiction world.

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