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I Don’t Usually Post Dreams

This one should be shared. If nothing else, just to get it out of my head. It was a very vivid dream and was partially disguised as a memory. When I woke up I had to remind myself that it had not happened. I hate those.

The dream starts with me in a cafe, of sorts, meeting a friend. This should have been my first tip-off this wasn’t a memory, I don’t have an overabundance of local friends. My friend, who shifts between a couple of different faces, tells me about this guy who just came in. Apparently, the guy just got out of prison and my friend proceeds to invite this guy over to give me his story.

His story is one for the books. He was accused of a murder that he did not commit and even though the evidence was circumstantial, he was found guilty. After years and years of appeals, they finally find the guy who really did it on a completely different charge. Thanks to some new sort of evidence, in the dream the guy just sat down next to another prisoner and said ‘he did it’ *tada* He’s out and getting a huge check from the state. His lawyers sued for wrongful imprisonment along with pain & suffering. The guy is just walking on air to tell people this, and with checkbook in hand, offers to give me money for listening to his story. I think I also offered to pay for a cab for him, which is why he liked me. Dream logic.

In the dream my credit, which I thought was stolen, had just been returned, and I was having a really good day. It just didn’t feel right to take his money, so I said, no thank you and sent him on his way. Later, I’m telling my wife this and feeling really crappy that I didn’t ask for some cash from the dude.

I woke up expecting to have to have a conversation with my wife about passing up a possible payday. Not that it was ever said how much the guy could give me, or if he had the cash settlement yet, but I was thinking that if he suddenly had $5 mil that a few thousand to pay off my student loans wouldn’t hurt.

Eh, weird dream, but I woke up feeling good.

Thanks for reading. Coffee is calling.


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