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For a couple of months I was on a dystopian kick, but that got depressing and the topic was kind of crowded. Zombies and nuclear war are the two gorillas in that fight. Neither really interest me. Hypothetically, I’d like to write my own zombie novel that would address things that I find annoying, but I just can’t get into it. It was cool a while ago, but like I said, it’s a crowded subject. Nuclear war doesn’t interest me as the options are stark, depressing reality or complete fantasy. Giant mutate monsters and survivors wearing leather, or fallout shelters where people fight to the death of the last can of beans. Wow, that sounds like a fun story to write.

Basically, the train of thought led me to realize that people would rebuild. The world wouldn’t pop back to normal, but there would people out there making their corner of the world something better. Rebuilding, constructing a new society, I like that idea. Instead of wallowing in the muck that is the collapse, the story would focus on the world as it’s put back together. Granted, they wouldn’t be back up to browsing Imgur for hours a day yet, but they’d have some things in order. Tight-knit farming communities, walled in towns, trading caravans, and stuff like that.

It really lends itself as a sandbox because so much can be done with it.

On another topic: I’ve started reading The Witcher Series by Andrzej Sapkowski. It’s ‘low fantasy’ with roots in Faerie Tales rather than another reboot of Tolkien. I enjoy fantasy and mixing in the faerie tale stuff really hooks my interest, I’m a sucker for that stuff. Witchers are basically monster hunters that travel the land taking care of problems. They’re mutated by magic and alchemy to be more than human and because of this people are unfriendly to them unless there’s a monster that needs taken care of. The Last Wish is a series of short stories that gives history to the main characters and sets the world for the novels.

I’d suggest checking it out if you like fantasy.

That being said, I would love it if anyone has some good non-European inspired fantasy books to suggest. There was one book I was looking into, I don’t remember the authors name or the books, but it started with extensive torture and didn’t really make me want to continue reading. Suggestions are welcome.


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