Blood of the Elves: The Witcher Book 1

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski introduces the world of The Witcher via a collection of short stories told via flashback. Geralt of Rivia is a Witcher, a monster hunter, who travels the land dealing with magical menaces. The twist on the idea is that the inspiration comes more from classic faerie tales and lore rather than just another angle of Tolkien or Dungeons & Dragons. I really liked this book. The characters were solid, the world felt alive, and it was a cool premise.

Guess what? There’s a series of books to go along after and this was just the introduction. Thanks to some Amazon giftcard from Christmas I was able to order all three books.

I’m about halfway through Blood of the Elves, which is book 1 of 3, and it’s disappointing. Instead of Geralt traveling the countryside fighting monsters the story revolves around the impending threat of invasion from a kingdom of evil dudes that invaded and failed a few years prior. Large chunks of exposition are just tossed out as dialogue and there isn’t a lot of action to break it up.

“Yes, duck that, now dodge.”
“Ouch. What did I do wrong?”
“Move faster.”

I’m going to stick it out to see if it gets better.



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3 responses to “Blood of the Elves: The Witcher Book 1

  1. That’s a shame! I know there is a story heavy video game out there called The Witcher which has been around for some time and apparently has a lot of followers. I’m wondering if it’s based on those books. It’s amazing how many books are disappointing nowadays. I’ve found that, although I find tons of promising blurbs, I’m lucky if 1 out of every 10 books is actually worth a read.

    I love to read, but sometimes my eyes can only take so much. Recently I’ve become addicted to audiobooks (which unfortunately are even harder to come by decently read ones). I just finished the third season of a zombie podcast by K.C. Wayland titled “We’re Alive”. It’s a full-cast dramatization and it was so fun to listen to. I wish I could find more just like it!

    • It was actually the games that made me look for the books. I thought that if they could do such a good job telling a story in that medium then the source had to be pretty good too. I’ve also started reading the Discworld series. Two books in and it’s worth the read.

      Audiobooks can be really good with the right narrator. I was incredibly spoiled as my first audio series was the Harry Potter books. The guy who reads it does a great job. I hadn’t thought about podcasts. Would you be able to share a link?

      • I think you can go to and get all 4 seasons directly from there for free. The first three seasons are available right now on (they offer a free 30 day trial). Each season is around 10-12 hours long. The podcast has been going on since 2009, they offered a chapter a week I think, but I just ran across the entire thing on Scribd. Its also available on itunes (but I think you have to pay for it) and its also available on the Stitcher app. I’ll have to listen to the 4th season on their actual website because it hasn’t been released in audiobook form yet. I’m planning on doing that tonight.

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